Motivational Speaking

Molly’s heartfelt and engaging stories are exciting and often laced with humor. She has the gift for storytelling; to inspire, encourage and entertain while sharing that a life worth living is a life of adventure. And all adventures begin with an idea, a dream and that first step.

Molly speaks to audiences on the benefits of running for health and adventure, but the message translates to many different audiences. Contact her at

Topics for Speaking Engagements

  • The benefits of walking and running for health and adventure
  • A woman’s perspective on living your dreams
  • Life after kids, moving past the empty nest
  • The Second Act, living life fully after 50.
  • Moving past fear, a life of adventure


“Molly Sheridan is an engaging, passionate and thought-provoking speaker.  Her stories are entertaining, but more importantly they challenge our children and staff to apply the lessons of hard work and perseverance to any situation that they may encounter.  I am grateful to have found a presenter of her caliber who not only speaks to, but connects with, the audience.  Molly’s affability is contagious and her delivery is dynamic.  I would enthusiastically recommend her to any group or organization in need of inspiration!”
Thomas C. Waite, President/Executive Director, Boys Town Nevada 

“I was so impressed when I saw Molly Sheriden speak. She motivated me to look at exercise again as a 48 year old perimenopausal woman. I think of Molly and her stories daily as I walk my dogs, do weights and attempt to jog a bit. Molly is an inspiration and a joy to listen to!”
Tish Carroll, Co-Founder of Embrace the Game

“Wow is all I can say about Molly and her stories! I loved hearing what she had to say when she spoke for Embrace the Game. Yesterday we had to run stadium stairs at soccer practice over and over again. I thought of Molly and her crazy run at Badwater and I got strength from that. Keep talking to young girls, Molly, you really make a difference!”
Leslie Carroll, age 16, Soccer Player and Golfer 

“Molly Sheridan as an inspirational speaker.  When Molly does a presentation, her experiences and stories come alive for the audience.  She is passionate and authentic when talking about her experiences.  Her stories are simply exciting!”
Charlie Shrimplin, REI Henderson Outreach Specialist

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